Big River delivers affordable, high-speed Internet and telephone service to areas the ‘big guys’ tend to write off. We meet your telecommunications needs through several methods, including building broadband towers in the communities we serve. These are also the neighborhoods where we live. Our employees are your neighbors, friends, and even family. We don’t want to be the biggest, but we strive every day to be the best. Choose Big River for your home or business and let your neighbors take you to the web-wide world.

Customer Reviews

  • Nicest sales reps I've ever talked to.

    - Buster Russell

  • Special thanks to your SEMO area tech specialist Eric, who took the time and patience to help me make the Big River connection for our phone service. He walked me through the steps, waited while I disconnected at the customer port on the box outside and made the changes inside, then troubleshot the reason our phones wouldn't ring.

    - Debbie Gahan

  • Wow! I think I was so busy last week I didn't post this on MY Page. This is a HUGE step in the right direction and we thank Big River Broadband as well as the Farmington Regional Community Foundation for their support of the Parkland Programmers.

    - Tiffany Marler

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