Partner with one of the oldest competitive local exchange companies in the United States and see how our experience can help you leverage more revenue on your existing infrastructure.  No matter the network-fiber, wireless or something in between, you can white label the Big River service and deliver voice to your business and residential customers at a fraction of the cost of buying your own switch.

Geo Redundant Platform

At Big River we understand that uptime is everything.  Our Geo-Redundant calling platforms offers exceptional 99.999 reliability accompanied with highly available, redundant network elements and servers and redundant Internet and Carrier connections.


Turnkey Solutions

Big River’s Platform delivers a wide range of solutions which gives you the option to pick and choose what solution works best for your business.

Customer Testimonials

“Sjoberg’s has been working with Big River Telephone for the last 12 years, and it has been a great experience. They are responsive to our needs and keep our telephone products on the cutting edge of the technology. Having a partner like Big River really makes the difference between being able to be in this business or not.”

-Richard Sjoberg, Owner, Sjoberg’s Cable

“Big River has been a strategic partner since 2010 and they maintained an impeccable commitment to delivering cost-efficient Quality and an exceptional Customer Experience. These dedicated standards are inherent in every aspect of our partnership with Big River. They collaborate with us at every turn to support technology convergence, product development and customer satisfaction. Big River’s commitment to these core values allow dedicated support of new market rollouts — all while remaining fully committed to competitive product and service solutions for serving consumer and enterprise customers of all sizes.”

-Kim Harber, Senior Vice President, Madison Communications

Device Management

Big River supports a wide range of devices.  We use our custom-built, automated provisioning platform to ensure voice lines are ready to install and keep configuration changes up to date.  

All device management is performed automatically by Big River without any intervention from the end-user or service provider staff.


Customers should never have to worry that a critical 911 call will end up misrouted. Big River is set up to ensure that every call reaches the appropriate authorities so your customers have the security and peace of mind they need to go about their day.

Local Number Portability

The ability to take your phone number with you when you switch providers is now an expected service from every phone provider out there.  You won’t miss a beat with Big River.  We have the processes in place to accomplish this task with ease… no matter how small the losing carrier.


Phone taxes can be a bit daunting when you think about what you have to tax and remit to the local, state and federal authorites.  Sit back and relax.  Big River handles all of this for you so you can do what you do best… service the customer.


International calls, directory assistance calls and collect calls… Oh my!  Rating a usage file is taken care of by our team.  We rate and tax the calls and send them in a neat package to you to apply to your customer’s bill.

FCC Form Remittance

The FCC and local authorities have no shortage of paperwork.  From CPNI filings to 499 forms, it’s important to be on time with the correct date each year.  Big River has the experience and know how to file these forms for you, so you don’t have to worry about it!

Residential VoIP

You’ll be able to provide ported numbers as well as brand new numbers to all of your customers in your different markets.

Business VoIP

From small mom and pop shops to large corporations, Big River has the products and the technical expertise to get you into these business to sell, install and service like you’ve been providing voice for many years.

Hosted PBX

Cloud services are increasing in popularity as businesses offload work on internal staff and reduce overhead costs.  Hosted PBX from Big River has a robust feature set and allows businesses to grow and scale easily and quickly.  Customers can easily manage phone profiles and features themselves through our simple-to-learn online configuration tool.

SIP Trunking

Customers with PBX systems don’t have to pay for a full PRI up front.  Instead they can start with a few concurrent calls through SIP Trunking and increase that as their business grows.


Big River’s Voice over LTE solution enables mobile service providers to further monetize their LTE spectrum with an easy-to-launch and profitable next-generation voice service.

Customer Portal

Your customers need only an internet connection to manage their phone features – business and residential customers alike!  They can turn services on and off and reconfigure items, such as hunting, in a snap.  This reduces their frustrations as well as calls to customer service.

Big River Team

Big River is filled with people who will help you on a daily basis.  From a dedicated account manager to network operations support to daily order support, we are all here to make sure you know how to sell, install and support the services you are selling to your customers.


With our long history of selling phone comes the expertise in how to market services to the general public.  Big River has collateral for many types of services and as a partner you can take advantage of that pre-developed material.

24/7 Monitoring

Being able to solve issues at any time of the day is an important part of keeping customers happy.  But even beyond that is having the systems to monitor connections, up time and the health of the network so you know in an instant where the problem lies.  Big River not only has systems like this in place, we also give our partners a window into this monitoring so they can anticipate customer challenges and head them off at the pass.

Customer Management Portal

Account details, order details, ticket details – these are all available in our partner portal. The portal is your window into our systems. You can check on customer pending installs, open tickets and even perform some switch capabilities all by logging into the portal.  This functionality ensures you service your customer as quickly as possible.

Big River University

We take training very seriously here at Big River.  You start off with online training that will expose you to the different elements of voice.  Then we follow that up with face-to-face training for every aspect of selling, installing and servicing your new voice customers.  We have training modules for Salespeople, Technicians and Customer Service Representatives.  These modules ensure your staff is ready when you start your voice launch.

Making Technology Simple